BMG stock the Dulux full range of paints. We have an automated paint colouring machine which allows you to have your paint coloured and mixed while you wait.

Dulux Dulux
Pictures courtesy of Dulux Ireland

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Linda Moffitt (interior designer) on Colour Schemes:

I love colour. Colour is one of my favourite subjects! Colour is one of the easiest ways to change any environment and one of the most inexpensive.

Linda Moffitt

The walls are usually the largest surface in any room – so as you can imagine colour has a huge impact and can make a very large statement or be very discreet !

As an interior designer I am always very interested & excited by colour. I think colour is very important, versatile and impressive in an interior.

Colour can:

  1. Create an impact & be invigorating
  2. Create a restful and relaxing space
  3. Create excitement
  4. Create a cosy feel
  5. Create a sophisticated feel
  6. Create the illusion of space & light
  7. Create an environment for work, rest or play
  8. Create an individual unique look for your space

With Colour, will you:

  1. Be adventurous & experiment with colours?
  2. Try out different colours & use them as features?
  3. Use colours to make spaces feel larger or smaller?
  4. See what you like – use a selection of tones of one colour?
  5. Use contrasting colours?
  6. Use complementary colours together?
  7. Use all the colours of the rainbow – red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – think of a bowl full of these – enough to make you smile!
  8. Consider the light when looking at colours - check which direction the light is coming from?
  9. Use warm colours if the light in your room is north or north east facing – to help make the space more inviting?
  10. Use deeper colours if the room is south facing and has lots of light – the natural light absorbs more colour here?
  11. Use cool colours if light is coming from south and west?
  12. Consider the other elements in the space – light or dark surfaces – try and link all together?
Linda Moffitt

With Colour can you do all or any of the above?
Yes you can!!!

If you need any help choosing colour, please contact me through my website and arrange a colour consultation.

Consultations from €100.00
Telephone Linda on 071 91 38768.