Equine Products

We are delighted to announce that we have epanded our range of Horse or Equine Products.  We are now stocking large stocks of all the following...

Blue Grass Horse Feeds

Pegus Horse Feeds

Horse Shoes

Saw Dust and Horse Bedding

We also have a selection of Horse Grooming products, Leads etc.

Percolation Distribution Box

Distribution Boxes are used to split effluent evenly into each trench of the percolation area for secondary treatment systems and septic tanks.

Simply insert your PVC pipe and push it through the flexible, polyethylene. Pipes fit watertight. Installation couldn’t be easier.

Unlike cement-based pipe grout, seals will not crack or corrode in septic conditions. They stay pliable and watertight permanently.


We also can supply all your requirements for new regulations for percolation areas, including Polish Filtering Sand and Polish Filerting Systems, Percolation Piping.


Sheep Liquid Feeders

We are now stocking Liquid Sheep Feeders ideal for feeding Molases etc.  Phone in for more details